About Us

Dichotomy Creations is the brain child of Kitty Richards, an active duty service member since 2007 and avid crime junkie, who is a little bit twisted- there's just no two ways about it.  Kitty and The Beard (if you know, you know) are looking forward to retirement in the back woods of BFE nowhere, where places aren't so peopley and they can enjoy peace.  

Seriously though, Dichotomy Creations was born out of a combination of necessity and a desire to live sustainably.  When these two oddballs decided they wanted to homestead, Kitty started researching how to get the most possible use out of everything they plan to have at their fingertips.  One of the dreams they share is to raise and grow as much of their own food as possible, including beef and pork.  One easy way to use the spare fat from these animals is to render it down into tallow and lard.  Kitty spent a year learning and refining this process, all while searching for good ways to use these liquid gold products.  Enter the soaping community on TikTok, and Kitty was hooked.  

Dichotomy Creations began coming to life in 2021 in their home in Spring Valley, California, and became official in December 2022.